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Estate planning is more than just a will that dictates who gets your money; estate planning done well can protect and carry out your wishes when it comes to your family, business, healthcare and more.

Estate Planning is NOT just for the ultra-rich

For a lot of people, the mention of estate planning or trusts triggers the idea of the super-rich. However, there are estate planning solutions even for average income families that can help preserve your finances from taxes, and make the legal process after you pass on much easier on your family.

Estate Planning IS a custom tailored solution for you

When you work with the attorneys at Capps & Associates on your estate, we become your partners in planning. We start by discussing what is important to you and how you would like to have your finances and possessions distributed. Then, we make suggestions of how we can make the transfer of assets as efficient (from a tax standpoint) as possible. This may include setting up a trust now and re-assigning some of your assets to that trust.

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There are literally an infinite number of potential solutions when it comes to your estate plan. What our attorneys can do for you is simplify the options, and make suggestions that are custom tailored to your life and what you think is important.

Questions about Estate Planning?

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